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Frequently Asked Questions
How does an Air Shower work?
An air shower blows recycled air through a HEPA filer to air nozzles located on the side walls and ceiling of the air shower. The high velocity air impacts the personnel or equipment dislodging contaminate and it is picked up at the return air grille which goes through a MERV 7 pre-filter and back to the blower. The air shower works as a tool for dislodging contaminate as well as a barrier between two zones.
Will an Air Shower remove hair from employees clothing when entering a food processing plant?
The high velocity air from the air nozzle of the air shower will remove most hair from garments. When open weave garments are worn there is always the possibility some hair can remain lodged in this type of material. 
Can employees exit through the same Air Shower they entered through?
Our standard program for our air showers is set up to use the shower cycle in one direction and only as an interlocked air lock in the opposite direction. The air shower can be programmed to work in both directions if required.
Can an Air Shower be shipped assembled?
We will only ship steel air showers assembled. There is an additional charge for this service as the air shower requires additional bracing for shipping. We do not recommend shipping an air shower assembled as it is susceptible to damage during shipment. It also requires a large open path to the area where the air shower will be installed. 
Does the light in the Air Shower stay on or can it be turned off?
The standard programming turns the light on when either door is opened and goes out 5 seconds (adjustable) after the personnel exit the air shower and the exit door closes.  A light switch is available as an option. This will allow you to shut off the light when required.
Can the timing of the blower cycle be altered?
Yes. There is a potentiometer on the PLC located inside the air shower control panel. When you turn it clockwise the time value increases and when you turn it counter-clockwise it decreases. The standard program allows for adjustments from 1-55 seconds. 
How effective is your Air Shower?
The air shower provides a barrier that can not be accomplished with an air lock. An air shower is effective at removing most contaminate during the air shower cycle and removes most contaminate prior to exiting the air shower.
How do you clean an Air Shower?
It is best to use a 2% mild liquid soap with distilled water mixture to wipe down the air shower surfaces.
How often do the pre-filters need to be replaced?
This is different with every application. If the air shower is used in a clean environment on both ends of the unit the pre-filters can last up to 90 days. In very dirty environments (heavy particulate) it may be necessary to change the pre-filters every week.  The best way to establish the longevity of the pre-filters is to inspect them after the first week of use. Remove the pre-filter and hold it up to a bright light. If you still see light you can continue using the filter. Continue this inspection process every week until you can not see any light through the filter or if you see a large amount of large contaminate built up on the face of the filter. As an option you can order an air shower will a cleanable pre-filter. This will reduce the cost of the maintenance of the pre-filters.
Can I supply my own automatic doors? 
Yes. ASPT will supply a power connection at each door opening in the roof section as well as have terminals in the control panel to connect the activation device (push button, motion sensor, etc) as well as terminals to connect to the automatic door control box to open the door(s).
Do you manufacture an air shower that is fire rated?
We do not have an air shower with a fire rating but we can design the air shower to rest against your fire wall and use a fire rated door in the wall (customer supplied or existing). ASPT will supply a door lock and sensor switch (if needed).
Do you offer an air nozzle constructed of a different material than your standard plastic nozzle?
Yes we can supply a 304 stainless steel air nozzle but it will require the number of nozzles to be reduced, because the outlet size of the nozzle is larger.
Do you have a UL rated air shower? 
No, but we do offer a UL508 labeled control panel. 
Do you offer custom size air showers?
Yes we offer air showers in custom sizes.
Is an air shower available in a color other than white?
Yes. The air shower is available in several different colors for the painted steel and wood/plastic laminate construction materials for an additional cost.
What is the velocity of the air at the air nozzle?
Our standard units produce 7000-8000 feet per minute velocity. We do offer an option to produce a velocity of 9200 feet per minute, however this offers only a marginal improvement in effectiveness.


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